Race in my Community

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  • Published : September 26, 2013
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Race in My Community 1

Race in My Community
University of Phoenix
By Paula Nichols
Instructor: Rebecca Mayernik
Race in My Community 2
In the past two decades I have lived in the state of Michigan, in two different cities, both very unique. I have lived in Lansing, Michigan and Mount Pleasant, Michigan. These two cities are very different from one another. I have seen many different things and have met many different people. Living in both of these cities, I personally have not experienced racial issues, but I know that they exist. Although most of the people in my community look like me, many of them do not feel the same why that I do about minority groups.

Racism is a big part of the United States, not just my community. All of us from time to time will have to deal with racism in our life time. I have family members who do not treat people the way that I would treat them, and I try to change their way of thinking.

In Mount Pleasant, Michigan alone we have a population of 26,946. This is only 1.8 percent of the total population for the United States. Out of these 26,946, whites make-up 89.12%, African Americans 3.67%, American Indian and Alaskan Native 1.54%, Asian 2.85%, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islanders 0.07%, and Hispanic or Latino of any race 2.49%. These percentages do not include the many different people that visit the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort on a daily basis.

Race in My Community 3
At one time or another I have probably met everyone in my community. I do not treat anyone different from anyone else, not only because this is my job, it is based more on how I was raised. I have seen others in my community treat others with disrespect, because of their race or nationality. I have even seen family members treat people differently for...