Race Assignment

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  • Published : April 1, 2012
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Chris Lankford
History Report on Race
24 March 2012

For purposes of this paper, I am choosing African American, and also choosing to write this paper from the view point of someone that is this group and is writing a letter to someone outside of the group.

Dear Preston,
I’m writing you to inform you of the history of my racial group and also to inform you of some of the steps and process’s that our government has implemented to help out this racial group. I hope that this letter reaches you well and that at the end, you have a better understanding and appreciation for struggle and achievements that the African Americans have overcome throughout the years. Here is a list of questions that I will be covering: * What have been the experiences of this racial group throughout U.S. history? * What have been the political, social, and cultural issues and concerns throughout American history? * What legislation meant to constrain race within prejudicial boundaries was enacted? How did the various groups you researched fight this legislation? * What legislation meant to alleviate prejudicial boundaries has been enacted? How did the various groups you researched promote this legislation? African American history dates back to the 1400’s. In 1492, a black navigator , Pedro Alonso, traveled to the new world with the famous Christopher Columbus. Starting in the 1600’s, ships began arriving to the colony Jamestown, VA with slaves on board that would have no rights in comparison to the white man due to the color of their skin. Over the next 200 years African Americans would endure more pain and suffering that one could possibly imagine. African Americans wouldn’t gain any rights until the late 1800’s when President Lincoln passed the emancipation proclamation essentially freeing all slaves of the confederacy. The south would further pass laws that claim separate but equal rights between the blacks and whites and continued to discriminate against...
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