Race and the Ragining Brain

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Color, Racism Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Dominique Mathews
Psychology 101
Adams State University

In the article “Race and The Raging Brain” by Jeffrey Kluger talks about how people have been driven apart by religion, language, and geography the most common reason for separation is race. Jeffrey Kluger explains reasons what makes a person so worried about humans of different color, and why something so simple has made a big difference and can make such hateful people.

In today’s society we have had to accept people of different color or different race more than in the past. On top of that, the United States has a black president, in Barack Obama. Even though we have improved whites still connect white skin with good, brown with bad, and black the worst. When it comes to blacks the order is flipped on the way blacks view themselves. The article speaks about how it is hard to believe that it will ever change because of the way children grow up believing these assumptions. Another example the article talks about is how, one of the first things a child learns in school are their colors, and colors are related to specific items and even symbols. For example the color red can be associated with blood which then means danger. A study, that took place at the Max Planck Institute, showed that children are not the only ones that react these ways to colors. In an experiment two groups of volunteers were given a picture of a banana and carrot. The difference of these groups was that one was given black and white pictures, but when asked to report what they had seen both groups said they had seen the items in their original colors. These facts helped determine that once you learn an item has a specific color, you will always associate that item with that color. The same goes with humans when they look at the skin color of each other.

A study by Yarrow Dunham helps us understand the brain when it comes to coming into contact with a different group. In Yarrow experiment he...
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