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Race and Sexuality

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Synthesis Final Paper

During this course of the quarter I’ve gained valuable information on different cultures, genders, communities and sexualities. Although I have never been biased or judgmental, this course has taught me to be more open-minded and impartial. One of the biggest key elements that stood out to me most, was the subject on gender. I’ve learned that gender goes far beyond being a male or female; it often plays the function in social differences such as gender roles in our society. In addition, gender roles have become a major function in our communities, especially when speaking in terms of feminism, masculinity, ethnicity, equality, and homosexuality. Because of the inequality and mistreatment that different cultures and genders face today, liberal advocates of movements such as the feminist movement, is stepping forward to fight the oppression and domination in our communities. Individuals find that living in America is an advantage because of our freedom. Although these this may be somewhat true, being able to gain a sense of freedom of your own life is a struggle when dealing with racial and sexual identity. Zami, by Audre Lorde, demonstrates the intricate of being a black lesbian in a community where she felt unaccepted. Lorde discloses the struggle of her sexuality, the influence of her mother and the fight to conquer the sexual oppression that she dealt with as a black woman in Harlem. Because her parents decided to avoid the term: racism, in their household, Lorde was blind to the matter until she was ten years old, and discovered she was not white (Lorde, 69). Being a minority and a female in our country is a disadvantage because we have to deal with racism and oppression. In addition, being open about your sexuality in a homophobic community is hard because of the risk of hate crimes. Like Lorde, many people who are dealing with issues of their sexuality find it difficult to be true to themselves because they are so focused on...

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