Race and Ethnicity : the Difference

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, African American, Racism Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: May 18, 2013
American society is focused so much on acknowledging differences and creating social divisions and categories, they hardly ever address similarities and possible race equalizers. African Americans along with other races have been categorized due to distinctions in their facial features as well as hair texture and skin tones. The irony of it all is that, America is supposed to be a place of equality and opportunity, yet it is seen to be the total opposite to many of the races who need the equality and opportunities.

As an African American male I have been at every angle if racism. I have dealt it out and received it four times fold. Through school, dating and courting, raising children of my own, and simple tasks, like driving to work early in the morning in a rental car, I have seen my share racial and ethical stigmas and stereotypes. From getting pulled over for being the only vehicle on the street at 4 in the morning, to not being able to date a girl I liked a lot because her father’s opinion of me “seeming” like trouble. And yes all these instances influence my life in many ways, from the way I have raised my children, to the route I take to work, the racially focused incidents affect my everyday life.

But why does race or ethnicity matter so much anyways? Why doesn't class make more of a difference on how a person is judged? When people look at class, they still break it down into racial and ethical categories. Regardless of is I were to be the highest of the upper class, or just in the top of the middle class, I am still thought of as a black male first and then my money taken into consideration depending on the situation. The one time I can recall my money was taken into consideration, it was still in reference to my ethnicity.

I was paying a ticket, which my son had received simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I was at the courthouse to pay this large ticket, and came with cash in hand. The cashier looked at me with a...
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