Race and Ethnicity Related Controversies in the News

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Race and Ethnicity Related Controversies in the News

Any given society relies on newspapers as one of its major source of information and basically sets the tone for the rest of the media on how it should conduct its coverage (Jennifer, 2003). Given this fact, it important to question the way information is presented to the public by journalists. In their endeavor to provide the public with information, journalists reproduce world views that are culturally embedded in a bid to distinguish the significant and the valid (Mikal, 2010). The technique of organization used by journalist to frame their stories is the similar as the one used by everyone daily to create a conversation be it controversial or interesting. Journalists frame information either positively or negatively. They have the capability of making people question the race of the character in discussion thereby either drawing sympathy or criticism from the targeted audience for the purpose for which the journalist intended (Mia, 2006). This review will be looking at race and ethnicity and how it has been in the news as regards to racial profiling.

In the news world, racial profiling has been used to mean the stopping of people in public places for the purpose of inspecting them to find out their race and ethnicity for statistical reasons. In post September 11 news, the term ‘Flying while Arabs’ has been common in journalists’ vocabulary. It is used to imply that law enforcers have been unfairly targeting Arabs without a good cause (Saud 2003). The Depart of Justice defines racial profiling as a police-initiated action relying on race or ethnicity besides the behavior of any individual who is suspected of engaging in criminal activity. Amnesty international, on the other hand, defines racial profiling as the use of race, ethnicity, and religion, to target individuals or groups by law enforcement officers because of lack of trustworthy information linking the aforementioned groups to crime or a...
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