Rabbit Proof Fence Analysis

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  • Published : May 26, 2006
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In this essay I will be examining the movie ‘Rabbit Proof Fence' .I am here to talk to you about the movie Rabbit Proof Fence. The movie is set in a time that is vastly different from today. Europeans had only recently infiltrated Australian borders and it had not taken long for the Aboriginal people to be reduced to second-rate citizens and have rights taken away from them in a land that was once exclusively theirs. The year is 1931, and a new policy has been introduced by Mr. Neville who is chief protector of the Aborigines, that gives the government powers to take ‘half-caste' children away from their families. Once the children are taken away it is Mr. Neville's objective to have the children raised in institutions so that they can be integrated into white society – where the black colour of their skin can be eventually ‘bred out'.

Mr. Neville, although undoubtedly the villain in this film, is not deliberately unkind nor does he have any malicious intent. Quite the opposite in fact, Mr. Neville is simply a very ill-advised individual- a product of his time. To Mr. Neville and many others of his time, his actions are not cruel or inhumane in any way. In fact, Mr. Neville believes sincerely that ‘in spite of himself the native must be helped', a belief that is portrayed outstandingly in this film. To me, this is what makes Mr. Neville such an intensely horrifying character.

In the small community of Jigalong, sisters Molly (14) and Daisy(8) and their cousin Gracie(10) are taken from their families to Moore River Native Settlement, which is more than 1500 miles from their home. However, the three girls, led by Molly escape the settlement at the first possible opportunity and are faced with the seemingly impossible walk home .Whilst being constantly pursued by Moodoo the aboriginal tracker and the police , the girls continue their epic journey and find the rabbit-proof fence that stretches across the Australian outback and the path that will eventually...
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