Rabbit Proof Fence

Topics: Film, Low-angle shot, Camera Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Journal: Photography, Rabbit Proof fence

The film, Rabbit Proof Fence, directed by Phillip Noyce, takes place in 1931 and follows three aboriginal girls through the Australian outback on their journey back home. The three girls were taken from their home by the government because they were half-caste children. Half-caste was the name given to children in Australia who had one black parent and one white parent. The three girls were put into one of these camps but later escaped and began their long journey home. The director uses many elements of photography throughout the entire film.

The opening scene of the movie uses a bird’s eye view camera angle to give the audience a sense of how big and vast the Australian outback really is. The director chooses to do this to show viewers how long the journey for the girls will actually be. The audience is able to see the rough landscape and obstacles the main characters will have to face on their quest back home. A.O. Neville is the man working for the government who is in charge of finding aborigine children and bringing them in. When the director is filming Neville, different camera angles are used to portray Neville as a figure of power and also as the antagonist of the film. When Neville first appears in the film, he is shown giving a lecture to a group of people about the half-caste children. The scene is being shot at a low angle with the camera pointing up at Neville. This scene portrays Neville as having a lot of power because he is portrayed above everybody including the audience. Neville has a lot of power in the film and the director constantly portrays him as being above everybody else to show viewers his authority. The director also uses oblique angles to portray Neville as being the antagonist of the film. In addition to using low angle shots to portray Neville, he is also filmed using off angle shots so the screen is tilted. This gives the audience the sense that there is something not right about...
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