Rabbit Proof Fence

Topics: Family, Rabbit, Emotion Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: June 18, 2012
Rabbit Proof Fence Essay

One of the themes shown in ‘ Rabbit Proof Fence’ is imprisonment. This theme is shown through camera shots and setting. Some example of this are included in the scenes where they are locked in cage on the train, when Riggs captures them and fights for them from their mother, and the orderly prison-like manner they are made to live in at the Moore River Settlement. We are also figuratively shown the idea of imprisonment with the Rabbit Proof Fence symbolizing the theme. The fence is there to keep rabbits on one particular side of the fence, or otherwise ‘imprisoning them’. During the film as they walk along side the 1500 mile fence, it shows how close to being taken captive the three girls are.

Another theme in ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ is the theme of family bonds. This is shown through plot and camera shots. Camera shots help to represent the theme of family bonds when there is a close up shot of Maude and Molly looking up to the Spirit Bird. This shows both the physical and emotional closeness of the two, as well as the strong relationship they have with the land. One of the most literal ways family bonds is shown in the film, is in the scene where Molly, Gracie and Daisy are being taken away from their mother. Maude is desperately fighting for her grasp over the girls, and we can really feel the emotional she portrays both physically, and mentally. Maude, Gracie and their mother all show family bonds, as well as Moodoo and his daughter, Olive. Moodoo and Olives bond is shown in a more subtle, sensitive way, by the emotion we see on Moodoo’s face when he looks at his daughter being held prisoner at Moore River.

One more theme that is shown in the film is Aboriginal Culture and Spirituality. This is shown through clothing, setting, music and camera shots. It is shown through setting and camera shots when we see a vast birds eye view of the beautiful landscape in the beginning of the film. We are also shown this in the many...
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