”Rab and Law & Order: a Success-Failure Assessment in Bangladesh”

Topics: Human rights, Extrajudicial punishment, Police Pages: 16 (5422 words) Published: June 30, 2012
“Bangladesh is my pride”, “Fight against terrorism”, “corruption is the curse for a nation” such slogans of RAB were well praised to the people. It developed internal security as well as law and order situation of Bangladesh in its incipient stage. But now it is accused of corruption, cross fire, indiscriminate killing of the innocent people, secret killing, extra-judicial killing and so on. In most cases it violates human rights. Sometimes they create violence also. Before 2004, the scenery of law enforce agencies was not so good. Terrorism, corruption, and other criminal activities were going very much dangerous position.then Government had to search for an alternative step to enhance the law and order situation. At last, on 26 March 2004, government took a new initiative through establishing Rapid Action Battalion as a special branch under police department for reducing violence and crime related activities. To reduce terrorism, crime, drug and other illegal activities, RAB tried heart and soul as their capacity. They were largely successful in maintaining law and order situation as well as peace and security. Even they got independence prize of 2006.if they maintain impartiality it will be able to implement Law and order. Now many of the intelligentsias raise question of their existence due to their unfair activities.


“Democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people”-Abraham Lincoln In a democratic state, every statesman has some duties to their people for they elect him to look after them. To maintain peace and security is one of the salient duties of a statesman. Every State has various law enforcement agencies for that end. Bangladesh is not exception in this regard and thereby she has also some agencies such as Army, Police, RAB and so forth. Among them RAB is an elite anti-crime and anti-terrorism unit of Bangladesh police constituted by amending the Armed police Battalion Ordinance 1979, under the command of Inspector General of police (IGP). It was formed on 26 March 2004 during BNP government regime.

From the very beginning, for 3 or 4 years, the RAB was thought to be blessing for us in maintaining peace and security of Bangladesh. It was clapped by mass people as it was largely able to suppress terrorism, militancy from the country. It has been able to arrest several high-profile terrorists like Murgi Milon and including the egregious Bangla Bhai. Due to its successful activities they obtained some recognition from the government. Police Medal (every kinds) - 106, Certificate of DG- 44, Presidential Medal-2006, Special Hons – 2008. Despite this, since its inception, RAB was being alleged for the extra-judicial killing by various human rights organization.

For a few years, this state agency is extensively being accused of violating human rights for it is responsible for numerous deaths which have been attributed to crossfire. Apart from this, recently there have increased incidence of enforced disappearance, abduction in Bangladesh. Even in 2011, there happened 22 occurrences of enforced disappearance in Dhaka and in areas near to Dhaka. 10 death bodies of them have been marked, the remaining has not been found out yet. Most of them are the victims of political vengeance. Family members of victims are aiming their fingers to this agency.

“There is an implicit tension in the relationship between states and rights: states are simultaneously a threat to human rights and their principal protector.” The RAB, as a state agency is now in the identical situation for it is a threat to human rights. On the contrary, it is an elite force, the protector of human rights. In this situation, due to the overwhelming violation of human rights, extra-judicial killing of people, enforced disappearance, corruption of this agency, and behavior like police from the standpoint of malpractice, many of the intellectuals are posing question...
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