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Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Friendship, Birthday Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: April 28, 2013
If I become an RA, I will emphasize on developing the mutual relationship with my residents. Personally, I realized that the core thing of the RA’s job is the strong bond with the residents. In other words, having good relationship with the residents and being loved by them make things go smoothly. For example, in such events as World Festival, the residents will cooperate with full enthusiasm and hence everyone in the floor will together contribute to the success of the festival. Moreover, the bond helps the residents to think that they are being cared instead of being controlled by the RAs. If I treat them as friends, they will also consider me as a good friend in return. Thus, if there is any problem in daily life, the residents will not hesitate to find me for advice or we can just have fun together with parties, birthday celebrations, etc. By that way, we together can create an enjoyable AP House life. On the other hand, in the position of an RA, I want to be a bridge to connect everyone in my floor. AP House is known for its diverse residents. Even on a single floor, there might be more than ten nationalities such as Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc. Therefore, how residents live with one another much depends on the way the RAs manage the floor. For more than half a year living in AP House, I realized that there are lively floors and there are quiet floors. In lively floors, everyone lives and has fun with one another without caring about nationalities; whereas in quiet floors, there is a clear separation among the residents, for example, Japanese residents are only playing with Japanese. As can be seen, it is the job of the RAs to make everyone on the floors get closer to one another. Spontaneous parties, girls’ chit-chats, table tennis tournaments, etc. are activities that can be done by RAs to enhance the relationship among the residents. In short, to my thinking, to build a full of fun living space for everyone, it is first and utmost that I, as an RA,...
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