Ra and Osiris

Topics: Osiris, Ra, Ancient Egypt Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: January 19, 2011
Osiris is one of the most commonly known gods of Egypt. Osiris is the god of the dead and the afterlife. Other meanings for the god Osiris are the god of rebirth and fertility#, and Chief Judge of the Underworld as well as god of resurrection, the Inundation, and vegetation.# Osiris is almost always shown as a man wrapped as a mummy. He is often holding a crook and flail, with an atef-crown.#

There is a myth of how Osiris became the god of the afterlife. It was told that Osiris had married his sister Isis, a custom which the Pharaohs of Egypt followed there after, and his brother Seth married Nephthys. Seth, the evil one, envied Osiris and hated Isis. The more that people loved and praised Osiris, the more Seth hated him and wished to kill him and rule in his place.# Osiris was murdered and cut into pieces and released into the river. His wife, Isis, then found the pieces, wrapped them, and put them together. It is then said that Osiris was then resurrected which began the idea of resurrection and rebirth for the pharaohs of Egypt.#

Osiris is also known as the god of agriculture as his rebirth is a sign of a new life. His death and resurrection are like that of a seed, pushed into the dark earth, motionless and breaking through with new life.# Osiris is one of the most important of the gods because he symbolizes the triumph of life over death, which many later then tried to achieve.
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