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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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Reflection Paper on RA 10029 (The Act Professionalizing the practice of Psychology)

1. As a Psychology student, how does the RA 10029 create an impact in your career and in the practice of Psychology in general?
As a Psychology student, the RA 10029 really changes my expectations about the field of Psychology. Before I enter in this kind of field, I assure to myself that being a Psychologist has a long time running through before you achieved it. When I knew this kind of law, it comes to my mind that being Psychometricians and Psychologists are not just ordinary course but extra ordinary because it requires lot of determination, assiduity, patience and it was so flexible course that are suitable in job opportunities. This law also gives me an option to I want to pursue like if I want to be a Psychometrician, I have to pass the licensure exam or if I want to be in the field of med. I am exempted to take the licensure exam but my plan is to take and pass the licensure exam and get a Masteral Degree. This RA 10029 really helped me to plan for my future. 2. How do you think the RA 10029 will create an impact to the society in relation to understanding and embracing Psychology?

For me the big impacts that RA 10029 create in the Philippines are the scope of time and money needed in pursuing the field of Psychology because for me studying is not a problem but the time and money matters most in pursuing this kind of course. But all of those are worth it because Psychologists can help our society development. With this kind of law Psychologists will be more educated, competent, provide a high standards of psychological practice and services to our fellowmen, and it helps Psychology takers to be well trained. If the country will produce high quality Psychometricians and Psychologists, it will be easier for us to compete with other countries. This law also provides a strong bond of Psychology Associations in the Philippines because they created a Professional...
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