Qwl in Cement Industry

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Quality of work life (QWL) aims at integrating the socio- psychological needs of people in the organization. The unique requirements of a particular technology, the structure and processes with the overall of the organization and the existing socio- cultural milieu. It is, thus, concerned with the over all climate of the work. Quality of work life is concerned with impact of work on people as well as on organization effectiveness, and the idea of participation in organizational problem solving and decision making. The degrees to members of a work organization are able to satisfy important personal needs though their experience in the organization.

The basic purpose of improving QWL is to change the climate at work so that human- technological – organizational interface leads to a better quality of work life. Quality of work life deals with various aspects of work environment, which facilitates the human resource development efficiently. Thus, quality of work life includes and motivates the employees. Its role were a sense of frustration because of low level of wages, poor working conditions, unfavorable terms of employment, inter personal conflicts, role conflicts, job pressures, lack of freedom in work , absence of challenging work , etc. Quality of work life is individual’s reaction to work or the personal consequences of the work experience. A multifaceted concept where the work environment is meaningful to employees. Components include autonomy, recognition, belonging, progress, development and external rewards. A work norm in modern industry indicates 1. Employees role in the industry is different from his role in the family. 2. Superior knows the best and he has the right to impose on the sub – ordinates. 3. Rules are for employees and they have to follow them. 4. Employees have the right to lay-off their workers due to marketing and technology factors. FACTORS TO IMPROVE QUALITY OF WORK LIFE:

There are numbers of factors involved in individual factors, job factors, and organizational factors. The characteristics of these to job satisfaction and family to job performance and productivity. FACTORS IN QWL AND THEIR IMPACT

|Individual factors |
|Ability |
|Work force |
|Need of job |
|Job factors |
|Nature of job |
|Compensation factors |
|Participation |
|Communication |
|Support |
| |
|Job involvement |
| |
|Sense of competence |

| |
|Job satisfaction |

|Performance productivity |

An individual in the organization wants to satisfy his needs while working for it. Depending on the nature of the individual, he may want equitable financial package employment benefits, job security and interesting work, involvement in decision making, process affecting him and his work, and getting proper feed back about his performance. If these factors are favourable, the individual will feel job involvement and sense of competence, consequently job satisfaction and contribute positively with the support of organisational facilities. Therefore, in improving QWL, all these factors have to be taken into account. FLEXIBILITY IN WORK SCHEDULE

Employees want flexibility in work schedule. There may be three aspects of flexibility – a system of flexible working hours. Staggered working hours – different time intervals for beginning and end of working hours. To the extent, this flexibility is proved in the work system. It becomes more motivating to the employees. AUTONOMOUS WORK GROUP

Creation of autonomous work group helps in creating positive feelings among...
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