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  • Published: September 7, 2013
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YFC High School Program

Detailed in this proposal are the developments in terms of structure and activities that we believe will maximize effectively of the program in order to bring God’s message of hope and love to a significantly large number of persons within the high school communities.



Seven years ago, CFC Youth for Christ (YFC), then a parish/community based organization, felt a calling to even more actively and deliberately reach out to the youth. As a result, the College/Campus and High School Programs were established in several major high schools and campuses in Metro Manila, and many of those YFC High School Clubs were blessed. Students grew in their love for God. Families were reunited. Lives were changed by the ever transforming, redeeming love of God.

CFC Youth for Christ feels stronger God’s call to share this same love not only to its members but also to the whole school – that more may experience the life and growth that has made us better persons in accordance with the mission and vision of Youth for Christ and of the schools we’ve come to call our second home. In responding to this call, we find ourselves radically readjusting our structure and activities in such a way that the blessings we receive will be made available to the entire school population.

Here’s a more detailed write-up on the ministry:

* What is YFC?
CFC Youth for Christ (YFC) is a family ministry of Couples for Christ (CFC), a Catholic charismatic community and family life movement. It owes its existence, identity, mission and vision to CFC as it exists as a partner in evangelizing the young.

YFC finds itself in the forefront to counter this trend by creating an alternative environment that will complement what is being taught at home and in school. It utilizes creative approaches that take into consideration the youth’s nature, interests, needs and gifts in order to attract them to a life with God....
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