Qvc Case Study #13 Chapter 1

Topics: Home Shopping Network, Strategic management, Barry Diller Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: February 1, 2011
In 1986 Joseph Segle had a vision. He created a cable shopping network called QVC, which was designed to surpass the Home Shopping Network. HSN was already in operation two years prior. QVC has become number one the television-retail industry by gaining customer loyalty by allowing them to be able to purchase unique and unusual products that can be purchase at anytime, with the confidence that the (consumer) would receive top quality, unique products. QVC also embedded this quality of providing the best to, and for its consumer in its name “Quality, Value, and Convenience”. One of the advantages of QVC success was that, because of the Home Shopping Network that first aired in 1983, gave QVC founder John Segle a model in which helped him design QVC. Being able to look at their competitor (HSN), made it easier for Segle to develop a more detailed SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), allowing QVC to get a glimpse of what worked, and the mistakes that were made in the area he was about to explore. QVC’s decision was to become the top shopping network by exceeding what has already been done, and finding new, and innovative ways to go beyond anyone’s expectations by addressing the external and internal environment of the organization, asking themselves questions like “what industries should they compete in”, which in this case was the cable TV network, and “what actions will be implemented once the decisions are made”. QVC founder John Segle knew too accomplish his vision to be the best, and to stay on top would incorporate a Constance search for the best unique product, keeping a strategic planning committee in place along with an unending time for each consumer to purchase any item that may catch their eyes. I feel that Segle must continue to educate the hierarchy of the organization, so that they can educate those in other departments all the way down to the host or anyone who are in direct connection to the consumer (show host, phone...
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