Qvc Case Analysis

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  • Published : September 9, 2012
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Problem Summary

QVC is a strong industry leader in the home shopping market. Since 1986, the company has contributed an enormous amount of success toward their abilities to overcome most business barriers and challenges. The company has faced changes from exploiting new, high quality products from around the world to advances in technology. Among these obstacles, QVC has managed to gradually surmount other tests, such as reaching out to a very large customer base by acquiring majority of the cable television and the broadcast satellite homes in the United States. From 1989 to 2010, the company’s sales have soared from 0.2 billion to 7.8 billion. As the company continues its success, it is still faced with challenge of providing more convenience to customers via television and internet. Although the company has proven to be successful thus far, there is still an opportunity to increase the customer’s accessibility to QVC products. The main challenge ahead is how to remain competitive as their external environment changes.


Although QVC started its success by selling high quality products via television, over 60 percent of new customers purchase their products over the internet or by mobile applications (pg. C63). This has proven to be a primary factor of the business’s success. However, most loyal customers still prefer to shop on television rather than online. The company’s main objective, in regards to their continued success is to promote quality, value, and convenience efficiently as possible. Thus far, the company has managed to successfully implement these three necessities. However, as society and technology changes, the company’s strategy must change accordingly. In the company’s future, it will be imperative to assess implementing new advances in both television and online operations to improve the value and convenience for their customers.


For QVC, alternative decisions will be required as society and technology...
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