Quotes for Child Beauty Pageants

Topics: Mother, Contact lens, Need Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: May 2, 2013
“It’s all about winning”
“Mums in the driving seat, and so far Madison has been a bit of a passenger” Treats her like an adult not a child. Making her train when she doesn’t want to and she finds it boring. “would be a little bit disappointed if I didn’t win, because then I would just think to myself, that I wasn’t pretty enough, I wasn’t good enough sister “she will think she is ugly now”


“had plastic surgery when she was 7” (“on her ears)
“youngest child ever to wear contact lenses”
“she has highlights in her hair”
“started wearing makeup when I was six”
influenced by her mother, watches her mother get her hair done, and her makeup, and nails…etc. Tyler feels better with her glasses on that her contact lenses in. But she is afraid her mom will tell her off, so she keeps them in. when her mother tells the camera that she is just trying to be an adult. Tyler’s mum beliefs that the key to life is looking good, wasn’t always happy with Tyler’s look. “When she was born I was quite worried…I wouldn’t want to have an ugly child” “their accomplishments are my accomplishments”

“lots of my friends are pretty, but I would think I am one of the prettiest” putting herself above everyone else SACHA
“I’m scared people will laugh at me”
“Hasn’t got much confidence”
Using the pageant as a “stepping stone”
“exploiting little children”
“ little drag queens”
“she needs a bit more confidence, and by doing this it should help” “Does it matter if you win or not?” “it don’t really matter” “im not scared anymore because I am comfortable with other people
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