Quote Log: Airframe

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  • Published : September 20, 2007
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Quote Log


Mask: "‘Want coffee?'… ‘Sounds great, Amos,' [Casey] said."

Real Identity: "His coffee was always terrible."

Investigation effect: This mask did not specifically mess up the investigation. Although it did show that Casey was not always an honest person to her coworkers.

Mask: "‘By the way, is that China sale firm? I keep hearing it's not.' She shrugged. ‘I honestly don't know.' ‘Has Marder talked to you about it?' ‘Not to me personally'"

Real Identity: "‘Then somebody better get the word out,' Casey said…‘but he didn't sit in on the China negotiations.' ‘I'll speak to him,' Marder said."

Investigation Effect: Casey is wherein the mask to help the investigation because she lies to Brull so that he does not know much about the China sale. If Brull knew that Casey had much to do with the China sale and Marder he might get into an argument or mess Casey off her case because Brull might think she's working a lot with Marder the bad guy.

Mask: "Rogers shrugged. ‘Everybody knows Marder and Edgarton are at each other's throats. Marder expected to be named president, but the Board passed him over. But they gave Edgarton a one-year contract---so he's got only twelve months to produce. And I hear Marder's undercutting Edgarton, every way he can.' ‘I wouldn't know about that,' she said."

Real Identity: "Casey had, of course, heard such rumors.

Investigation effect: Not too much effect on the investigation, but could get Casey in the middle of something when talking with Marder. Marder may annoy her about it and throw her mind off of the case or something.

Mask: "Instead [Casey] said, ‘The public is best served by getting accurate information. And at the moment, we have no information to offer. To speculate would be irresponsible.'"

Real Identity: "‘Jack,' she said, ‘we've got three hundred N-22s in service around the world. The model has an outstanding safety record.' In fact, in five years of service there had been no fatalities involving the aircraft until yesterday. That was a reason for pride, but she decided not to mention it because she could see his lead: The first fatalities to occur on a Norton N-22 aircraft happened yesterday…"

Investigation effect: Casey is hiding information from the public so that they do not know about the other plane crash. That way she could focus everything on the case instead of having to deal with a lot of reporters because they think Norton is in trouble or something.


Mask: "Furious Casey pushed Richman backward, shoving him through the door to the women's room. Richman started to laugh. "Jeeze, Casey, I didn't know you cared –""

Real Identity: "He threw her hands off him. "You still don't get it, do you? Its over, Casey. You just blew the China sale. You're finished."

Investigation effect: This did not have much to do with the investigation, but it had much to do with the China sale. The also was the turning point and made Richman's true identity and enormous arrogance shown.

Mask: "Casey said, ‘This is my new assistant, Bob Richman.'"

Real Identity: "‘Okay,' Richman said. He walked down the hall to his office. When he was gone, Norma said, ‘You know, he talks to Marder a lot. I heard it from Eileen.'"

Investigation effect: This at first does not seem like it effects the investigation at all. Then Richman gets caught copying all the documents Casey has and is found trying to get Casey when she finds the QAR.

Mask: "She saw Richman slip into the room, and stand with his back to the far wall. He had a faint smile on his face. He didn't look worried. He was confident there was nothing she could do."

Real Identity: "We will announce it tomorrow," Casey said. Behind the lights, she saw Richman's startled reaction. He hadn't been expecting that."

Investigation effect: This had to do with the investigation on announcing what she had planed for the next day. But it mostly had Richman...
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