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“Don’t hesitate to lose a battle if it helps you win the war.”
Sometimes in life, we shouldn’t be going forward especially when taking up decisions that require thorough conceptualization. There are instances that needed acceptance for backing out or losing because it is part of life’s game. Losing to a battle, or backing out from it, doesn’t cost you anything nor naming you a coward. Nevertheless, with these things and events happening to us, we learn and grow as human beings making us victors at the end of each life’s battle.

“Do unto others as you wish others did unto you.”
This particular saying or quotation somehow alters the conventional way of saying the famous “golden rule”.
In life, kindness and generosity should always be shown and acted upon or done unto other people so as to make life have a chain of kindness and generosity within the community around the world.

If this quotation is kept in mind and applied, life would be more likely become pleasant and peaceful, for things that we wished others did unto ourselves wouldn’t be something that can cause or inflict us with harm or pain.

“Enjoy beauty.”
Life would always be pleasing if everyone appreciates the beauty in every part of their lives. Once a person enjoys the beauty in his life, he would acknowledge his reason for living and find his inner peace. Though we all know that appreciating beauty is a subjective matter, wherein beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, we should also know that nothing created by God was made to be ugly in its own sense of purpose and significance.

“You have the right to be happy.”
Every person born in this world has lawful rights laid out for them to enjoy but the right of being happy isn’t indicate and stated in the laws. Why is it so? Maybe, this is because happiness has subjective factors that vary depending on the person. A person’s happiness may not be the same with another person’s happiness. Actually, happiness is given to every person in a...
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