Quiz Unit 1

Topics: Pseudoscience, Scientific method, Science Pages: 3 (497 words) Published: May 19, 2013
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1. One of the requirements of science is that all experimental results must be (Points : 1) | reproducible
absolutely without error
communicated to popular media sources
all of these are correct
2. Determine which of these questions could be researchable using the scientific method. (Points : 1) | Under what conditions could bass live in a lake?
What was the artist thinking when he painted Mona Lisa?
Are UFOs related to crop circles?
Is there a supreme deity?
What is the meaning of life?
3. How does science differ from pseudoscience? (Points : 1) | Scientific hypotheses are always testable.
Science requires a lower standard of proof than pseudoscience. Scientific statements are based on anecdotes.
Science is just one person's opinion.
Science is the quest for absolute truth.
4. Which of the following statements is a prediction? (Points : 1) | Mealworms prefer dark environments.
High quality balloons filled with atmospheric air will float higher than low quality balloons filled with atmospheric air. Spearmint candies taste better than peppermint candies.
Data show that a decrease in food lowers the rate of mealworm reproduction. Therefore, if there is an increase the amount of food available to mealworms, their reproduction rate will increase. Most scientists never communicate their work.

5. Peer review in science (Points : 1) |
demoralizes most young scientists before they can become established. is accomplished in the editorial offices of major scientific journals. causes delays between the conclusion of an experiment and the communication of the results. is conducted in confidence by a panel of experts in the field. has become outdated since the advent of computers.

6. Which of the following is considered to be in the realm of science? (Points : 1) | astrology
extrasensory perception (ESP)
crystal power
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