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Communication Quiz Final- Rosemary Clarke

Underline the best answers to the following 30 multiple choice questions.

Multiple Choice

a. the sense that people extract from a message
b. the social process in which individuals employ symbols to establish and interpret meaning in their environment c. the perceived rightness or wrongness of an action
d. the ability to transmit one's ethical decisions through proper channels

2. The _______ context of communication is often more constrained and restricted because it is influenced by costs, politics, and other concerns. a. Public
b. Organizational
c. Mass
d. Intercultural

3. All of the following have been identified by the authors as being useful in evaluating theories EXCEPT a. parsimony
b. utility
c. boundaries
d. economy

4. Which research methodology requires researchers to gather data and information that can be converted to numbers for statistical analysis? a. qualitative
b. interpretive
c. quantitative
d. critical

5. Which of the following is NOT a theme associated with the Symbolic Interaction Theory? a. the acquisition of language through interaction with generalized others b. the importance of meanings for human behavior

c. the importance of the self-concept
d. the relationship between the individual and society

6. Which of the following is NOT an assumption governing Coordinated Management of Meaning? a. Human beings live in communication.
b. Human beings co-create a social reality.
c. Information transactions depend on personal and interpersonal meaning. d. Group interpretation is more influential than interpersonal meaning.

7. An example of a consonant relationship between beliefs and behaviors is that a. you believe in raising the speed limit and lobby against drunk driving b. you believe that researchers treat lab animals inhumanely and lobby actively against use of animals in research c. you believe in going to church on Sundays and agree to work overtime on Sundays d. both b and c

8. If we like a person, we will _________ evaluate any expectancy violations that are made. If we dislike a person, we will _________ evaluate any expectancy violations that occur. a. negatively, positively

b. negatively, negatively
c. positively, negatively
d. positively, positively

9. The two primary goals of individuals engaged in an initial interaction are _________ and _________. a. understanding, disclosure
b. prediction, explanation
c. understanding, explanation
d. prediction, control

10. Julianne and Ricardo have reached the point in their relationship at which they openly express their thoughts and feelings with one another. Their communication is viewed as being efficient. Which stage of social penetration describes the current state of their relationship? a. orientation

b. exploratory affective
c. affective exchange
d. stable exchange

11. Which of the following assumptions emphasizes the importance of considering the role of diversity in relationships? a. Humans seek rewards and avoid punishments.
b. Humans are rational beings.
c. The standards that humans use to evaluate costs and rewards vary over time and from person to person. d. Relationships are interdependent.

12. All of the following statements about dialectical tensions are true EXCEPT a. people are not always able to resolve the contradictions that they experience and may become comfortable in believing inconsistent things about relationships b. partners in a relationship experience ongoing tensions between contradictory impulses c. dialectical theorists support a notion that there is typically one point of view that should dominate a relationship d. Baxter and Montgomery are the researchers most closely associated with the application of dialectical theory to relationships

13. Kip has been dating Theresa for less than a month. During a recent date, he discovered that he was...
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