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  • Published : March 2, 2011
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.This famous business personality earn money by repairing toy trains when he was at 13. His father escaped from the British Police in 1920 aand landed in USA with $20 in his pocket and later married an American school teacher and settled in Philadelphia. His corporate headquarters is known as "The Mountain". Identify him. Amar bose

2 . This famous Japanese corporation first started as a tiny cork m m manufacturer in Hiroshima in 1920, and was known as Tokyo Cork Togyo Co Ltd. How it is known today? mazda

3. Forbes once stated that "it has significantly positioned itself as a leader in blending under one roof both the machines that carry info/entertainment into homes and the entertainment/info itself. There are bigger companies on the hardware side and bigger companies on software side, but none has gone so far integrating the medium and the message". Name the Company? Sony

4.It was founded in 1918 when the founder was just 23. The founder along with his wife and brother-in-law began the business and their first product is an attachment plug. This electrical/electronics giant imports batteries from India and another unique product it imports and distributes is the popular 'Famous Grouse' Scotch whisky. Identify the company? matsushita

5.Alisha Chinai made her debut as a singer for an advertisement jingle. Name the brand for which she first lent her voice? farex

6.Name the personality who coined the term 'Marketing Myopia'?

Theodere levitt

7. In the late sixties,X started his career with McKinsey and Co. After some years he moved on to American Express where he worked for 11 years quickly moving up to the No.2 position just behind Jim Robinson. In 1989, he moved on to become the CEO of Nabisco, a major company in the foods business. However most people know him better as the CEO of another gigantic company where he moved on to after his stint with Nabisco. Identify X.

Hint : X even wrote a book about...
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