Quiz 2 Mangt. Info Systems

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  • Published : February 10, 2011
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According to the ________ definition of organizations, an organization is seen as a means by which primary production factors are transformed into outputs consumed by the environment.

a. microeconomic

b. macroeconomic

c. sociotechnical

d. behavioral

All of the following are major features of organizations that impact the use of information systems EXCEPT for

a. business processes.

b. environments.

c. goals.

d. agency costs.

Business processes are collections of

a. informal practices and behaviors.

b. formalized and documented practices.

c. routines.

d. rights and privileges.

Mintzberg's classification of organizational structure categorizes the knowledge-based organization where goods and services depend on the expertise and knowledge of professionals as a(n):

a. entrepreneurial structure.

b. divisionalized bureaucracy.

c. professional bureaucracy.

d. adhocracy.

A large bureaucracy existing in a slowly changing environment that produces standard products and is dominated by centralized management making is classified by Mintzberg as a ________ bureaucracy.

a. machine

b. professional

c. divisionalized

d. multidivisional

Which of the following is not one of the three principal sources of poor system performance?

a. software bugs and errors

b. hardware or facility failures caused by natural or other causes.

c. insufficient integration with external systems.

d. poor input data quality.

The "do anything anywhere" computing environment can

a. make work environments much more pleasant.

b. create economies of efficiency.

c. centralize power at corporate headquarters.

d. blur the traditional boundaries between work and family time.

The practice of spamming has been growing because

a. telephone solicitation is no longer legal.

b. it is good advertising practice and brings in many new customers.

c. it helps pay for the Internet....
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