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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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The Quiet American – Context Writing
Exploring the context
Essential Question: How do the character’s attitudes to violence change in the text? Topic: Complete a written response to the prompt

Attitudes to violence
Activity 1: Complete the following summary of the key character’s attitude to violence | Adjectives| Quotes| questions|
Fowler| anxiety, contempt, distress, disgust, grief, guilt, revulsion| “I thought, I hate war.”| Fowlers attiudes changed somewhat through the novel. He felt it was a necessary action to stop pyle, however in doing so he felt ashamed and guilty.Fowlers guilt and shame derives from the ‘debt’ he owes to pyle for saving his life.| Pyle| Acceptance, shocked, necessary, indifferent, the ends justify the means| “doing a lot of harm”“only war casualties” who :died for democracy”| Is ignorant to the consequences of war, and his own actions. It is only when he sees the effects og violence first ahnd does he gain some sort of understanding. | Vigot| believes there are other means besides violence| “not altogether sorry” about pyle| Vigot stands on the opinion that violence at times may be necessary and also harmgful, yet as he is only a police officer in the system he does not have a voive| Trouin| Troubled, loathing, obscene| “they will get together and gree to the same peace that we could have had at the beginning, making nonsense of all these years.”| Feels guilt as he is a humanist, however he has to kill for democracy. (conflicted)|

Activity 2: Written Expository Response
Complete an extended written response in expository, persuasive or imaginative style. Your writing must draw from at least one selected text for this Context and explore the idea that ‘the experience of conflict changes people’s priorities’.

* Nature
* Cause
* Consequence
* Reaction
* Resolution
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