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Quick Notes-- Infinitives&Gerunds

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Quick Notes-- Infinitives&Gerunds

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Quick Notes—Word Formation
I. Infinitives
To wake up early in the morning is not easy.| (To do sth.)| Our plan is to start the hike early tomorrow.| ((be to do)| Annie failed to arrive school on time.| (*verbs to do)|
I don’t know what to do.| (wh.- to do)|
You were kind to offer your assistance.It was kind of you to offer your assistance.| (personal adj. to do)(personal adj. of sb. to do)| It is impossible to finish the assignment tonight.It is impossible for us to finish the assignment tonight.| (impersonal adj. to do)(impersonal for sb. to do)| I have a lot of work to do tomorrow.| (n. to do)|

There is something to discuss in the next meeting.| (some-/any- to do)|

II. Bare Infinitives
He doesn’t have her mobile phone number.| “do”, ”does” ,”did”| You should keep Hong Kong clean.| Model verbs|
Let him come in now.| “let” sb. do|
My boss made us work all night.She was made to work all night.| “make”| I saw two men cut down a tree.I saw two men cutting down a tree.| Perception v. sb. do Perception v. sb. doing| You had better seek advice from your teacher.| Had better/would better do sth.| I’ll have my secretary photocopy the contract.| Have sb. (doer) do sth. |

III. Gerunds
I regret having scolded him without listening to his explanations.| Regret ger. pp.| She is sad about having failed the exam.| Be sorry/sad/upset about ger. pp.| He admits having wronged his best friend.| Admit/confess to/deny ger. pp.| The car needs repairing.| Need/require/want/deserve(active form, passive meaning)| Shouting is impolite.| g. be/do adj.|

Natalie admits making a mistake.| **verb doing|
The teacher suggested we read more English books.The teacher suggested reading more English books.My father suggested a walk after dinner.| Suggest (that) sb. (should) do sth Suggest doing sth.Suggest sth.| The teacher recommended that we should read this book.The teacher recommended reading this...

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