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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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What is QuickBooks? QuickBooks is a computerized accounting software system, made by Intuit, designed to help small to medium-sized business owners stay organized. QuickBooks have three main advantages over any manual system. That helps you process all the transactions and financial information in order. The purpose on why QuickBooks relate to learning accounting is to learn a different method to make the accounting process easier by applying accounting system concepts in a manual or on a QuickBooks accounting software.

First of all, QuickBooks simplify the process of recording transactions using electronic forms. That at the same time, post to the general and subsidiary ledger accounts. The electronic form appears as you would see a paper form, but the difference is that the electronic forms will have drop down boxes to choose options from. Allowing the business owner to enter all the data one and then not having to type it in again. That helps business owners, avoid having to manually write all the information over and over. This is an advantage to save time and that way you don’t expose information. After transaction data is completed in electronic forms you may choose to print, e-mail or even send an invoice to customers.

Second, the computerized accounting system is general more accurate than writing transactions manually, because of its many features. For example the accounting system does not allow many journalizing errors, unless debits and credits on transactions equal to each other. Accounting system also does not allow the business owner to input data twice, so that the owner will not have a duplicate of any of their transactions. This is a benefit in accounting because when recording collection of payments, when sending invoices, checking account balances and basically to check appointments with a client. Accountants need the correct amount of debits and credits to make a profit QuickBooks accounting software is a good way...
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