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Waiting in lines is a part of our everyday life. It may be due to overcrowded, overfilling or due to congestion. Waiting time is affected by the design of the waiting line system. Apart from having a line segment that should be followed, still we cannot evade having a conflict that will result a slow transaction of service. Considering as one of the largest number of population in College of Engineering and Industrial Technology, the Computer Departments faces this problem in accommodating all the students concerning the flow of enrollment procedures such as advising and controlling of subjects of the student. Upon enrollment, the enrollees always have a problem how they will finish their enrolling process will end in the shortest time while the enrollment personnel also has this problem how they will control the enrollees and how to make the enrollment processes run smooth and orderly. That is the reason why the proponents come out with this proposed design, “Advising and Controlling Queuing System” for Computer Department in Rizal Technological University. With the improvement of network connectivity, we are exploring for deployment of centralized computerized queuing system suitable for enrollment’s advising and controlling processes. It is becoming a part of our projects for taking initiative to use existing hardware and database, taking leverage of using internal network connectivity within the branches for central system management and reporting on the students flow data. This queuing system is effective at dispersing waiting crowds and creating a pleasant environment. It provides students with a fair and organized way to wait for assistance. They can continue to browse while waiting, without the need to defend their place in line. Our system has a priority rule determines which student is served next. Generally, our system consider first-come first-served to be the fairest method for determining priority. Through an interactive session of...
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