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Topics: International Organization for Standardization, Radio, American National Standards Institute Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Chapter 3
Question 4: Describe four types of wireless media.
Four types of wireless media are Radio, Infrared, Microwave, and Satellite transmission. Radio transmission is a very commonly used type of wireless media. Radio transmission is designed to only be used over a short distance such as a home network. All devices using the radio transmission have to have a receiver and a transmitter. The devices use a specific frequency that other devices do not use to make sure they don’t interfere with other radio transmissions like commercial radio. A laptop on a home network uses radio transmission.

Infrared transmission does not use radio waves. Instead infrared used low frequency light waves to transmit information between two points that have a line of sight path between them. Question 14: Explain how a message is transmitted from one computer to another using layers.

When layers are used to transmit a message from computer to computer there has to be a set of rules that tell each layer how what it is supposed to do with the message and how each layer interacts with the next layer. These rules are referred to as protocols. When using the internet model the message makes it way down the 5 different layers picking up protocol information in each layer and the message is wrapped in this information at each level. When the message gets to the destination computer it is unwrapped layer by layer and delivered to the receiver. Each layer’s responsibilities have to be followed to make sure the information gets where it needs to correctly, timely, and doesn’t interfere with any other messages being sent at the same time. Without these sets of protocols and layers the information could not be in an orderly way and the information would probably never get where it needs to go correctly.

Question 17: Describe two important data communications standards-making bodies. How do they differ?
Two standards-making bodies for data communication are the International...
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