Questions: Social Networking Sites

Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: January 24, 2013
A. Skills
1. Do homework while chatting with friends online.
2. Experience your pictures being spread by others.
3. Become a victim of account hacking.
4. Use cheat engines in playing application games
5. Encounter scammers who use your friends list to try and spread malicious software. 6. Encounter posers in social networking sites. 7. Perform task poorly because of doing two things at the same time 8. Receive spam messages.

9. Receive an online message claiming that you have won a big amount of money but you need to pay first to get the price. 10. Had conversation with other people pretending to be your friend to gather information about you. 11. Allows people in relationships to stay in touch when separated by long distances. 12. Become a victim of thieves that may use your personal information from your social networking account to open new bank accounts. 13. Become a victim wherein your account is used by others to say negative comments about other people. 14. Experience receiving a link from a friend claiming that it would lead you to a funny video but eventually exposes you to porn sites. 15. Access in someone’s personal information even without their permission 16. Does this social networking site help you improve your socializing skills? 17. Ease up the effort when using social networking sites.

18. Get to know other students at your...
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