Questions on Weather and Famous Landmarks

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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Choose the word that means the same or similar to the word «nature». а) environment; б) scenery; в) landscape; г) view. Завдання на 5 балів

8 клас


Match the quotation with one of the sources listed below:
Interested in photography? Fujiko have produced an amazing new mini-camera – the advanced 1001x.

Завдання на 3 бали 1. What kind of film would you see if you wanted to get a detailed information about a definite subject? а) animated cartoon; б) thriller; 2. в) documentary; г) trailer.

а) recipe; б) instruction; 17.

в) announcement; г) ad.

Do you know that the English Queen, Elizabeth II, is the only person in Britain with two birthdays. Her official birthday is on the second Saturday in June. When is her real birthday? а) on April 21; б) on May 21; в) on July 21; г) on August 21.

Choose one of the following as the appropriate reaction to the statement: My friend has seen this film already. а) So I have; б) So have I; в) I so have; г) I have so.


Do you know who gave Britain its modern name? а) the Romans; б) the Anglo-Saxons; в) the Celts; г) the Dutch.


Who said: «The world is a stage and people are merely actors»? а) R. Stevenson; б) B. Show; в) O. Wild; г) W. Shakespeare.


Read the weather forecast and decide in what season this weather is expected to be: The South East will see the best of today’s weather. It will be warm, no winds, and sunshine nearly all day, with temperatures around ten or fifteen, so quite warm for the time of the year.


There are eight public holidays in Great Britain. Do you know that they are called: а) Bank Holidays; б) Festival Days; в) Feast Days; г) Carnival Days.

а) winter; б) spring; 20.

в) summer; г) autumn.

You can find the name of these animals in the Red Book. а) rabbits; б) foxes; в) Indian tigers; г) sharks. 5.

Stonehenge is: а) one of the most famous landmarks of ancient Canadian history; б) one of the most famous...
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