Questions on the Presidency

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  • Published : September 24, 2012
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Chapter Study Assignment Exam Two 2302

Chapter 13: The Presidency
1.What “problems” did Obama inherit and was he able to solve them? 481 2.What did Lincoln and Roosevelt do in response to a national emergency? How many people were interned by FDR? What did Bush similarly do? 482 3.In Article II, why did the framers reject a design for collective leadership? 483 4.Why was the Electoral College originally created—to make the president responsible to what specific groups rather than to the “people” as a whole? 483 5.What group originally nominated each party’s presidential candidates? 484 6.What happened to change this in 1830? But how were state delegates to conventions selected? 484 7.Today, how are state delegates to the two national conventions elected? 484 8.What expressed, delegated and inherent powers does the president have? 485-6 9.As Commander in chief, what powers does a president have? 486-9 10.What are the CIA, FBI, NSA, and the NSC? Who heads them? 486 11.How did presidents seize control of The War Powers Act? Did Congress declare war in 1950 on North Korea? Does the president have the power to declare war? 489-91 12.How does the War Powers Act limit the presidents’ actions, if it does so at all? 487 13.Can a president send federal troops in to a state over a governor’s objections-when have they? 489 14.What is the USA Patriot Act and what powers and activities does it authorize? 489 15.The text describes the six roles of the president-what are they and what do they mean? 16.What are the judicial powers of the president and what is the difference between individual and wholesale amnesty and give examples of each? 490 17.As Chief Negotiator or Head of National Security, the president can negotiate executive agreements—how are these different than treaties? How did they work prior to 1930 and how do they work today? 490-1 18.What is GATT and what did the Case-Zablowski Act require and how did presidents get around this act? 491?...
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