Questions on Roof Systems

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Many roof styles are available to designers. Consequently many factors and constraints can drive a designer’s choice for roof style. Certain roof styles are appropriate for different climates or snow loads. Other roofs do well in areas that get a lot of rain. Of course some roof choices are driven by aesthetics and others by economy. First and foremost, a roof must be durable and effective at keeping out the weather. The designer then decides what features will work best in the environment, please the customer, and fit budget constraints.

While all roofs provide protection from the elements, some simply get the job done, while others are true works of art.

Internet and/or reference texts
Cube-shaped facial tissue box
Poster board (for sheathing)
heavy paper or sand paper (for shingles)
Craft sticks, balsa strips, or strips of cardboard (for framing members) •craft knife or box cutter

In teams of two or three, you will create a framing model of a specific roof type and create a fact sheet to display with it.

1.Determine the type of roof that you will research and model. 2.Research the roof type that you were assigned and create a fact sheet using the following parameters. The fact sheet should achieve the following: oFit on one letter size sheet

oInclude an least one image of a building with that roof type oDescribe advantages and disadvantages of the roof type
oIdentify the geographic area where the style is often used

3.Create a framing model of the roof for a small playhouse which is represented by the facial tissue box. Your model should include representations of the roof framing members, plywood sheathing, and shingles or a membrane roofing. If you are modeling a dormer, first create a sloped surface out of cardboard to represent the main roof and attach the framed dormer to the sloped surface. 4.Display your model and fact sheet. View models created by...
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