Questions on Production and Costs

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Question 1a) Define production operatio ns management. What are its objectives and functions?

Question 1b) What are the operations management strategies?

Question 2a) Explain the concept of product design and development.

Question 2b) What are the various production systems?

Question 3a) What is capacity planning? Explain the various methods of altering capacity. b)What are the factors affecting facility location? What are the techniques for facility lo cation? c) What are the various facility layo uts? Enumerate the advantages and disadvantages.

Question 4a) What is meant by master productio n schedule?

Question 4b) Explain the activities involved in production planning and control.

Question 4c) Discuss MRP. What ar e the inputs and outputs of an MRP system?

Question 5a: Explain JIT manufacturing

Question 4b)Explain acceptance sampling

Question 4c) What do you understand by maintenance policy? Explain various categories of spares.

Assignment - B

Question 1a) What is economic order quantity? What are the assumptions of EOQ?

Question 1b) If the annual demand for a product is 3,50,000 units. The annual carrying cost rate is 25 percent of the cost of the unit the product costs Rs 14.75 per unit to purchase, and each time the product is ordered the related ordering cost is Rs 53.00. i) What is EOQ?

ii) What is total cost at EOQ?
iii) How much would be the total cost if the order quantity is 2500 units due to standard packing?

Question 2a. Operations scheduling is one of the most important function of production planning and control. Discuss.

Question 2b) Seven jo bs are to be carried out on three machines M1, M2, M3 in the order of M1, M2, M3. The processing time in hours of various jobs are tabulated below.

Question i) What are the conditions for using Johnson's rule to sequence jobs on three machines?

Question ii) What is the...
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