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Topics: Electromagnetism, Electric potential, Magnetic field Pages: 4 (1092 words) Published: October 30, 2012
(Be sure to look over all your notes and be sure to know the following things) 1. Define Temperature, thermal energy and heat.

2. A 1.00 x 10²g mass of tungsten at 100°C is placed in 2.00 x 10²g of water at 20.0°C. The mixture reaches equilibrium at 21.6°C. Calculate the specific heat of tungsten. Cw = 4180 J/kg°C

C= 171 J/kgOC
3. A certain metal has a specific heat of 400 J / kg oC. It absorbs 8000 J of thermal energy which causes its temperature to raise 10oC. How much mass of the metal is present?

4. How is the direction of an electric field defined?

5. What happens to the strength of an electric field when the charge on the test charge is halved?

6. What happens to the electric potential energy of a charged particle in an electric field when the particle is released and free to move?

7. A test charge experiences a force on .30N on it when it is placed in an electric field intensity of 4.5 x 10⁵ N/C. What is the magnitude of the charge?

Q= 6.7 x 10-7C
8. What is the electric field strength 20.0 cm from a point charge of 8.0 x 10⁻⁷C?

E=1.8X105 N/C
9. How much work is done to transfer 0.15C of charge through an electric potential difference of 9.0V?

10. A voltmeter measures the electric potential difference between two parallel plates to be 60.0 V when the plates are separated by 3.0 cm. What is the electric field strength between the plates?

11. Describe two ways to increase the current in a circuit.

12. Sue finds a device that look like a resistor. When she connects it to a 1.5V battery, she measures only 45 x 10⁻⁶A, but when she uses a 3.0 V battery, she measures 25 x 10⁻³A. Does the device obey Ohm’s law?


13. Refer to the diagram below to answer the following questions. a. What should the ammeter reading be? 1.5 A
b. What should the voltmeter reading be? 27V
c. How much power is delivered to the resistor?40.5 W
d. How much...
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