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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Examples of Essay Questions for Exam1
Chapter 1:
1). Describe the four steps taken in solving a business problem.(A process, not an event) * Problem identification (is to understand what kind of problem exists). * Solution design (is to design solutions to the problems you have identified) * Solution evaluation and choice (choosing the “best” solution for your business firm) * Implementation (the best solution is one that can be implemented, including building the solution and introducing it into the organization)

2) What is the difference between information technology and information systems? Describe some of the functions of information systems. Information technology is the use of computer hardware, software and associated technologies to process data and achieves company’s business objectives. Some examples of information technologies include mobile computer devices such as PDAs as well as online banking software. Information technology can be thought of essentially as a way of implementation and management of computer information systems.

Information system is a computerized set of interrelated tools and procedures that collect and store data, and produce information. Main function of the information system is transforming the data into meaningful information and as a result supporting the decision making process. An information system can be for instance collecting employees’ personal details, bank account details and the amount of hours worked and turning it into monthly payroll and tax payments. Another example is paying bills online where the information about payment request such as amount, date and account details is collected, processed and sent to the correct bank account.

3) The department chain you work for has had numerous complaints about slow customer service. Your colleague, a sales manager, informs you that this happened at a previous store she worked for, and it was cleared up by hiring more sales representatives. Should you take her advice? Why not? What techniques can you use in evaluating the problem?

The advice should not be taken, as it is a rush to judgment, which could mean that the wrong solution is used, wasting time and resources. You should ask the colleague to employ critical thinking. Critical thinking is sustained suspension of judgment with an awareness of multiple perspectives and alternatives. It involves at least four elements: • Maintaining doubt and suspending judgment

• Being aware of different perspectives
• Testing alternatives and letting experience guide
• Being aware of organizational and personal limitations

1) Identify the different types of systems used for the different levels of management in a business. * Senior management (ESS executive support systems)
* Middle management scientists and knowledge workers (MIS management information systems DSS decision-support systems KMS knowledge management systems) * Operational management production and service workers data workers (TPS transaction processing systems) 2) How can a good CRM system increase profits for a company? Cost reduction

a strong point in Customer Relationship Management is that it is making the customer a partner in your business, not just a subject. As customers are doing their own order entry, and are empowered to find the info they need to come to a buy decision, less order entry and customer support staff is needed. More repeat business

the repeat business is coming from the delighted customers, who are turned from doubting clients into loyal advocates. More new business
If you are delivering the ultimate customer experience, this will seed the word-of-mouth buzz, which will spawn more new business. 3) Define and give an example of a cross-functional business process within a firm. Cross functional business process is a specification may terminate in many different ways and some of those ways may involve failure. For example, the business process...
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