Questions on Hypnosis

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Please follow these instructions for your 05020500 project. The information below contains the topics, a description of exactly what the instructors are looking for in your submission, as well as helpful information on documenting your sources. In your paper, answer one of the following topics:

1. To what extent is media violence related to aggressive and violent behavior? 2. Is ordinary waking consciousness a form of hypnotic trance? 3. Are there multiple intelligences?
Note: The outline format that follows will help you organize your thoughts. However, you will not submit an outline; you’re required to submit an essay.
Once you’ve chosen your topic, you’ll need to organize your thoughts into manageable sections: I. Introduction
A. Topic
1. Clearly state your topic for the reader. All of the papers will be somewhat similar, but depending on what topic you’ve chosen, each paper will be a bit different. For example, if you’ve chosen Topic 1, you might write “The topic I have chosen to discuss is the role that media violence plays in aggression in children, specifically as related to Bandura’s experiments.” For Topic 2, you might write “The topic I have chosen is to compare/contrast hypnosis and waking consciousness.” For Topic 3, you might write “The topic I have chosen to discuss in this paper is Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.”

2. Depending on the topic you chose, you may find it helpful to provide a brief definition of the main concept behind it. Again, this part of your introductory paragraph also depends on your topic. For Topic 1, you may want to ask yourself if media is fully to blame for all the violence in the world, or if there’s some other force accountable. If you believe that media is to blame, you should make three claims related to this. If you’re not sure, think about this: If the media is as much to blame as Bandura would like us to believe, wouldn’t every child end up being an axe murderer?

For Topic 2, Gardner proposed that...
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