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1: Where is Daisy Miller’s home town?

a. Vevey, Switzerland
b. Schenectady, New York
c. Geneva, Switzerland
d. London, England

The answer to this question is b

2: Why does Winterborne go to Vevey in the summer?

a. To do research
b. To visit his aunt
c. To find an American wife
d. To look for his brother

The answer to this question is b

3: Why does Mrs. Costello refuse to meet Daisy?

a. Because Mrs. Costello is a recluse and refuses to meet anyone b. Because Mrs. Costello is jealous of Daisy’s mother
c. Because Daisy’s family is not from Switzerland
d. Because Mrs. Costello disapproves of Daisy’s behavior

The answer to this question is d

4: What does Daisy do that shocks and offends Mrs. Walker in Rome?

a. She plans to go alone to meet Mr. Giovanelli
b. She agrees to go for a boat ride with Winterborne
c. She asks to bring Randolph to the party
d. She fails to introduce Mrs. Walker to her mother

The answer to this question is a

5: Why does Winterborne go to the Colosseum?

a. To retrieve his pocket watch
b. To propose to Daisy
c. To enjoy the moonlight
d. To look for Mr. Giovanelli

The answer to this question is c

6: What is Daisy Miller’s real name?

a. Amy C. Miller
b. Angie P. Miller
c. Annie P. Miller
d. Penny E. Miller

The answer to this question is c

7: Who accompanies Daisy and Winterborne on their visit to the castle?

a. Eugenio
b. Mr. Giovanelli
c. Randolf
d. No one accompanies them.

The answer to this question is d

8: How does Daisy die?

a. She poisons herself.
b. She is fatally injured in a carriage accident.
c. She catches Roman fever.
d. She dies of pneumonia.

The answer to this question is c

9: How does Winterborne come to finally understand Daisy’s personality?

a. Daisy sent him letters from her deathbed.
b. Winterborne has a long conversation with Mrs. Miller.
c. Daisy comes to him in a dream.
d. Winterborne reads Daisy’s diary after her...
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