Questions in the Kite Runner

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Kite Runner Questions
Chapter 3
1. What did Baba decide to construct and pay for?

2. Why do you think Amir lied to Baba and told him that Hassan had “the runs” when they were about to leave for the orphanage opening?

3. Why did Amir say to Baba, “ I think I have sataran” (Cancer)?

4. What was Baba’s response when the wind knocked his hat to the ground and everyone laughed at him during his dedication speech to the orphanage? What does this say about his character?

5. Describe in detail Baba’s wife.

6. What has Amir learned at school about alcoholic beverages? How does this differ from what his father tells him? What does his father tell him about alcohol and about his teachers?

7. What is the only sin according to Baba? Explain how this is so.

8. How did Amir escape from Baba’s “aloofness” (p.19) What did Amir win at school? How did Baba react?

9. What did Baba want Amir to be interested in? How did Amir react?

10. What major event happened at the horse races that upset Amir so badly? How did Baba react?

11. How do the neighborhood boys treat Amir?

12. What does Rahim Khan say is missing in Amir? How does Amir disprove him in what he says to Hassan the next morning?

13. What is your opinion of Amir’s character?

14. What is your opinion of Baba?

Kite Runner Questions
Chapter 4

1. What was the result of the accident in 1933 when two drunk men hit and killed a Hazara couple and orphaned a five year old? What was the drunk men’s punishment?”

2. Who was the little boy, and what did Amir’s grandfather do to help him?

3. How does Amir describe his relationship with Hassan on pg. 25? What reasons does Amir give for not holding Amir so close?

4. List at least five things that Amir and Hassan did together when they were younger.

5. What did Amir and Hassan spend their allowance on each week?

6. Describe in detail Hassan and Amir’s daily schedule.

7. What would Amir do for Hassan as they at pomegranates? Explain why Hassan is illiterate.

8. Explain the following quote, “ But despite his illiteracy, or maybe because of it, Hassan was drawn to the mystery of words, seduced by a secret world forbidden to him.”

9. What did Amir do when they came across a big word that Hassan didn’t know? What does this say about Amir’s character? How does this make you feel about Hassan as you read?

10. When Amir started to feel guilty, what would he do to make it up to Hassan? Do you think that this really makes up for Amir’s actions? Why or why not?

11. What was the boy’s favorite tale in the Shahnamah? What was it about?

12. What was the second trick that Amir played on Hassan? What does Hassan unknowingly tell him?

13. Amir is inspired to write a short story. What was it about? Do you like his dark little story? (30-31)?

Chapter 8 Quiz

1. What change in routine has Hassan begun? What true effect do you think this is having on Amir?

2. How do you feel about that fact that Amir lies to Ali when he asks him what happened at the kite tournament? Why do you think Amir responds so aggressively?

3. How has Baba been treating Amir differently? Provide several examples.

4. Who did Baba end up inviting to Jalalabad? How does Amir feel about this? How do you know?

5. Why would Rahim Khan be looking at him in an odd way when all of the others in the van were talking to Amir about the kite tournament?

6. What happens to Amir on the way to Jalalabad?

7. What image comes to Amir as he is sitting on the side of the road looking up at the sun? What does this image show us, the reader, about what Amir is thinking/feeling?

8. Now...
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