Questions from the Movie, Rise of Planet of the Apes

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Questions from the Movie:
1. What is “AZL-112”?
a. The AZL-112 is an experimental genetic drug which allows the brain to create their own neural cells and repair any damaged cell. This experimental treatment was first tested in the chimpanzee # 9 which was subsequently renamed Bright Eyes. 2. Who is Will Rodman?

b. Will Rodman is the scientist in charge of the scientific project of the drug and AZL AZL-112-113. 3. What is the animal used in the research?
c. The animals used in experimentation are apes. Since we know that these animals are more like humans, but in the same movie to reference these antibodies possess specialized stronger and not as human beings. 4. Who is Caesar?

d. Caesar is the son of ape called Bright Eyes. It is the first ape that has the AZL-112 experimental drug on their genes from birth because his mother passed it that this was a carrier of the drug or the first experiment in which the drug while she was pregnant of Caesar. 5. Who is Bright Eyes?

e. It was the first ape Lucas finished the tower with an index of 20, higher than they were a perfect 15. This ape all improved their skills and abilities as they underwent experimental treatment AZL-112. She was executed by a cop that was aggressive but was due to Caesar protect your child that was born. 6. Where did Bright Eyes come from?

f. Bright Eyes was the name given to the experimental ape # 9 as the experimental treatment of AZL-112 in addition to improving their skills and qualities, the only change was that no evil in the eyes iris it changed to a color greenish yellow. 7. What is special about Caesar?

g. Caesar was a special monkey because since his birth had great qualities and intelligence as their mother ape Bright eyes conveyed right through the experimental drug genes AZL-112. The qualities and intelligence that showed Caesar were: the day after birth and was able to drink milk by itself, going to the bathroom...
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