Questions and Answers on The Chrysalids

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The Chrysalids: Study Questions

Chapter 2
1. How old is David's house? (17) David’s house is 50 years old 2. Who built this house? (17) David’s grandfather; Elias Strorm built the house 3. Describe the materials from which this house is built. (17-18) It’s built from bricks and stones, solid and roughly-dressed timbers. 4. Explain the words: "My grandfather appeared to have been a man of somewhat tediously unrelieved virtue. It was only later that I pieced together a portrait that was more credible, if not more creditable" (18) (tediously - tiresome, annoying; credible - believable; creditable - good) It means that David thought his grandfather was a bad person and then he realized that he actually was a good person. 5. How did Ellas's wife react to her marriage? (18) She was sad and grey because Elias was a very strict person. She later on died. 6. What are two of Joseph's occupations? (19) He’s a preacher and a magistrate ( a judge ). 7. Quote two of the axioms hanging in Joseph's house. (20)-‘’ Only the image of God is man’’ ‘’ watch thou for the mutants’’

8. What is an Offence? (20-21) An offence is deviation of nature. 9. How is the problem of an Offence solved? (21) The society gets rid of it. They burn fields, they kill animals etc. 10. What are human deviations called? (21) Blasphemies

11. How does Joseph Strorm react to deviations? (21) He sends the blaspheme people to the Fringes. He liquidates anything doubtful. 12. What is the Wild Country? (22) .It’s a place where blasphemies live. Where the chance of breeding true is less than 50 %. 13. What are the Fringes? (22) .A place where nothing is dependable. 14. What are the Badlands? (22) Everybody who goes there usually dies. 15. Give a description of Uncle Axel. Give at least three details. (24). He’s friendly, sympathetic .Slow in getting about. He’s not a blood relative, he’s a sailor. He’s David’s best friend.
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