Questionnaire on Management

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  • Published : January 13, 2012
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1. Describe the five basic styles on the managerial grid.
R. There is five basic combination styles on the managerial grid: The 1,1 managerial Style “The do-nothing manager” consist in the manager that put people in jobs and them leave them alone, This manager is not worry for production or attempt to support employees to maintain the good work, The 9,1 managerial style “the production pusher” is the manager with a big concern for production and a low concern for people. Is only worried to have the work done, do not demonstrate any interest in employees and if job is no done right managers believe in replacing employees for new ones The 1,9 managerial style “the country-club management” this managers have a high importance employees feelings, comforts, and needs. The manager is more concern on gaining employees loyalty and does anything possible to motivate workers to do the job without pressure. The 5,5 managerial style “the organization manager”. These managers believe there is a conflict between production and people and tries to do balance both to get job done more efficiently The 9,9 managerial style “ the team builder”. The 9,9 Also called the ideal style,. This style center of attention on employee’s needs, engage them in making decisions, and presume that the goals of employee and business need to be in agreement. These managers think that the most concern they have for employees and organization the best efficiency results they will get. 2. What changes will Knighter need to make? Give specific examples and tell why. How easy will it be for Knighter to change from her people-oriented counseling approach to having more concern for increasing sales and meeting sales quotas? What must she do? Be specific, and give examples. R. First Helen needs to analyze, understand and change her vision towards the organization goals and expectations of her and her employees, for example she needs to understand that if the company expects a low rate on tardiness...
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