Questionnaire on Consumer Preference for Internet Banking for Online Transactions

Topics: Bank, Credit card, Internet Pages: 2 (319 words) Published: April 5, 2012
Name: __________________
Gender: Male ( ) Female( )

Q: 1 Do you have a bank account?
* Yes
* No
Q: 2 Do you have an internet banking facility with you?
* Yes
* No
Q: 4 How often, do you use internet banking for the transaction purposes? * Occasionally
* Frequently
* Never
* Often
* Very often
Q: 5 To what extent do you prefer the use of internet banking over Credit card/Debit cards? Very Much 1234567 Not Much
Q: 6 Following are some factors which affect the preference for the use of internet banking services. Please tick the appropriate option 1. Strongly disagree 2. Disagree 3. Neither agree nor disagree 4. Agree 5. Strongly agree Awareness of the services and its benefits12345

The ease of use12345
The safety and security of transacting over the internet12345 The cost of using internet banking12345
The access to computer or internet12345
Low service charge12345
Convenience(24 hours service, anywhere connectivity)12345 Easy to maintain my banking transaction activity12345 Q: 7 Do you prefer internet banking for the purpose like ticket booking, e-tax etc other than for transaction purposes? * Yes

* No

Q:8 How do you consider internet banking in matter of security and privacy?
Security and privacy
Q 9:- What banking services do you use which your internet bank offers?(Please check all you are currently using)
( ) Seeking product and rate information
( ) Calculate loan payment information
( )Download loan applications
( )Download personal bank transaction activity
( )Check balances on-line
( )Apply for consumer loans or credit cards online
( )Inter account transfers
( )On-line bill payments
( )Others
( )Not applicable
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