Questionnaire of Islamic Banking

Topics: Islamic banking, Bank, Term Pages: 3 (701 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Questionnaire (Islamic Bank Account Holders) Branch Name: Perceptions of peoples towards Islamic Banking in Pakistan
Purpose: The purpose of this questionnaire is to know your view on Islamic Banking in Pakistan. Your response will help me to complete my Ph.D. dissertation. All information will be for statistical use only and will remain strictly confidential. Thank you, in advance for your kind cooperation.

1. Your Age (Please Circle the appropriate category
A.18-30 Yrs. B. 31-40 Yrs. C. 41-50 Yrs. D. 51-60 Yrs. E. above 61 Yrs. 2. Gender
A. Male. B. Female.
3. Educational Qualification
A. Matriculation. B. Intermediate. C. University Graduate. D. MASTER D. Ph.D.
4. Your Profession
A. Student. B. Government Employee. C. Private Employee. D. Businessman 5. Your Monthly Income
A. PKR10, 000 – 15, 000 B. PKR15, 001 - 20, 000 C. PKR20, 001 - 25, 000D. PKR25, 001 - 30, 000E. More than PKR30, 000 6. Do you have an account with Meezan Islamic Bank?
A. Yes. B. No
7. What kind/Type of Account is this?
A. Short Term Investment Account (Mudaraba, Musharakah, Murabaha). B. Medium Term Investment/Saving Account
C. Long Term Investment/Saving Account
D. Other
8. How did you heard about this Bank?
A. Print MediaB. Electronic Media C. Friend D. Other 9. For what purposes do you use this Bank?
A. Business transactions (Utility Bills, Checks, Money Transfer Etc.) B. Money Investment Purpose C. Borrowing Purpose D. International Trade E. Other 10. Do you understand the key concepts of Islamic banking?

A. Yes B. No.
11. Do you agree that this bank is operating under the Shari’ah complaints? A. Yes B. NO C. Don’t know
12. Is this bank paying you any amount on your deposits/savings/investments? A. Yes B. No
13. If Yes to the above question, what do you consider that payment? A. Riba on savings B. Profit on investments C. Any other type of Income 14....
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