Questionnaire: Management and Recognition Programs

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Questionnaire for Employee Reward and Recognition

Dear Employee:

This questionnaire aims at analysing and assessing your organization’s current and potential employee reward and recognition program as a tool for motivating its employees. This survey is purely conducted for academic purpose.The responses to this questionnaire will be kept strictly confidential.


Employee recognition programs are designed to make employees feel their efforts and accomplishments are appreciated by not only supervisors, but co-workers and customers as well. By drawing attention to employees that perform, recognition programs reinforce desirable employee behaviours and attributes. These programs are powerful motivational tools that increase individual and organizational productivity. Recognition programs also help employees understand how their accomplishments and achievements contribute to an Organization’s overall success. Effective recognition programs prompt managers to give more careful consideration to employees' ideas.

Part-A: Employee Profile
The aim of this section is to gain an overall understanding about the organisation and about the employee’s role in the organisation’s functions.

Part-B: Overall Employee Opinion
The aim of this section is to gain an understanding about the Employee’s opinion relating to how they expect the organization to recognise and reward them for their efforts.

Part-C: Organisation’s Reward and Recognition System
The aim of this section is to gain an understanding about the organisation’s Current Reward and Recognition System and to what extent it meets the employee’s expectations.

Instructions: Please indicate your response to the following questions by filling in the appropriate square with check or cross mark or by shading it.

Part-A: Employee Profile

1. Name of the Company and location: _____________________________________ _____________________________________

2. Industrial Sector: ( Telecom ( Insurance ( Banking ( Hotel ( FMCG ( Retail ( Financial Institution ( Hospital ( Airlines ( Construction ( IT (Information Technology) ( Electronics ( Other

If other, specify: _____________________________________________________

3. Departmental Function: ( HR ( Technical ( Support ( Call Centre service (Finance & Accounts ( Marketing & sales ( other

If other, specify: _____________________________________________________

4. Approximate number of employees employed in the Organisation:

( 0-50 ( 51-100 ( 101-150 ( 151-200 ( 201-250 ( above 251

5. Average age group of the employees:

( 20-30 ( 31-40 ( 41-50 ( above 51

6. To which managerial level do you belong?

( Entry level ( Junior level ( Middle level ( Senior Management level

Part-B: Overall Employee Opinion

7. How important are the following to you?
Not at All Some Extremely Important Importance Important - Receiving formal recognition for your efforts in

making a difference
- Being recognized by management for your efforts
- Being recognized by peers and co-workers for
your efforts
- Receiving recognition for team accomplishments
- Feeling a spirit of teamwork and cooperation
among co-workers
- Feeling that your work is valued and appreciated
- Independence and freedom to influence work
content and methods
- Bonuses and other financial incentives

- Provision for advanced work tools...
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