Questionnaire for Smartphone Market

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Smart Phones Questionnaire
Date: -----------------

1. Please select your Gender Group
a. Female b. Male

2. Please select your marital status
b. Single b. Married

3. Please select an age group
c. <18 b. 18-25c. 25-35 d. 35-45e. >45

4. Do you know what a smart phone is?
d. Yesb. No

5. Do you own a smart phone?
e. Yes b. No

6. Your current phone was recommended by:
f. Retailer b. Friend / Familyc. Social Media d. Own research

7. Are you intending to buy a smart phone in the coming year? g. Yesb. No

8. Which operating system do you prefer?
h. IOSb. Windowsc. Android d. Others

9. How much are you willing to spend on a smart phone?
i. <$300
j. $300-$499
k. $499-$699
l. $700-$1000
m. >$1000

10. What do/would you use your smart phone for?
(Rarely) (Mostly)
Work/Reports1 2345
Entertainment/Games1 2345
Social Media1 2345
Video/Voice CallingApps12345
Listening to Music1 2345
Photography 1 2345

11. What do you consider important when choosing a smart phone? (Least important) (Most important)
Functionality1 2345
Name of brand 1 2345
Connectivity1 2345
Price1 2345
Interoperability1 2345
Operating system1 2345
Storage 1 2345
Battery life 1 2345
Data transfer 1 2345
Applications 1 2345
Size 1 2345
Design / Color1 2345
Ease of use1 2345
NFC1 2345
GPS1 2345
Camera Resolution1 2345
Music Playing12345

12. Would you prefer...
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