Questionnaire for Selection Process

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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Q: What is the current situation of your organization?
Are you downsizing or rightsizing?
Q: which source you would prefer for recruiting.
a)Internal source
b) External source
Q: if your choice is internal source, what benefits you are getting? Q: What is your recruitment process?
Q: What is the minimum and maximum age limit for different kinds of employees? Q: what method you are using for internal search
a) Through job posting.
b) Rehiring the persons, which were fired.
c) Using references of exiting employees like top management. Q: What is your policy who applies for a job, which is less than their qualification or requirement? Q: What is turnover rate of employees?

Q: In which season, you usually recruit employees?
Q: Have you made any recruitment chart?
Q: On which media you advertise for any job required
a) News paper
b) Magazine
c) Internet
d) TV
Q: Do you consult any employment agency for recruitment?
Q: Do you recruit people on Internet?
Q: If you are getting help for recruiting from agencies, then from what type of agencies, you are getting help a) Public agencies
b) Private agencies
c) Agencies associated with non-profit organizations.
Q: Do you have any quota system and what are its criteria?
Q: In what percentage and for what jobs, do you recruit minorities? Q: do you recruit for part time jobs or not?
Q: Do you give equal opportunity to all applicants or you have some preference based on relationship reference or any other? Q: Are you recruiting from college, schools and universities for fresh professionals? Q: Do you allow internship for on study students?

Q: Many companies give less to old employees and more pay to new employees at some posts .Is it in practice in your company? If it is, why? Q: How much you pay to overtime in percentage?
Q: what are your standard working hours?
Q: Do you follow place work plans or hourly plans?
Q: Do you offer any team or group...
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