Questionnaire for Projec on Kodak

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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For Marketing Project


1.) Your Monthly Income:
a.) 5000-10000c.) 25000-50000
b.) 10000-25000d.) 50000 and above

2.) Are you a regular updater of your Electronics Products? a.) Yesb.) No

3.) How frequently you change your Electronic Products?
a.) Less than 3 Monthsc.) 6 months- 12 Months
b.) 3 Months – 6 Monthsd.) 12Months and more

4.) How much do you spend on new Electronic Products in a month? a.) Less than 1000c.) 5000-15000
b.) 1000 – 5000d.) 15000 or more

5.) Which Electronic Product attracts you the most?
a.) Mobile Phones
b.) Camera
c.) TV
d.) Laptops
e.) Washing Machine
f.) Refrigerator
g.) Others (Please Specify)

6.) Which features are essential for an excellent Product according to you? (Multiple tick)
a.) Affordability
b.) Attractive Look
c.) Advanced Features
d.) Brand name
e.) After Sales Services
f.) Others (Please Specify)

7.) Do you own a Camera? 
a.) Yes
b.) No

8.) If Yes, Which camera do you own?
a.) Kodak
b.) Nikon
c.) Sony
d.) Samsung
e.) Olympus
f.) Others (Please Specify)

9.) What type of Camera do you own?
a.) SLR
b.) DSLR
c.) Digital
d.) Others (Please Specify)

10.) Why did you choose your camera?
a.) Megapixels
b.) Brand Name
c.) LCD size
d.) Price
e.) Zooming Facility
f.) Others (Please Specify)

11.) Have you ever used a Kodak Camera?
a.) Yes
b.) No

12.) Please Rate your experience
a.) Highly Satisfied
b.) Satisfied
c.) Neutral
d.) Dissatisfied
e.) Highly Dissatisfied

13.) Will you purchase a Kodak Camera again in the near future? a.) Yes
b.) No 
Reason(please specify):

14.) Your suggestions for Product Improvement (for Camera)

Thanks for giving us your Valuable Time...
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