Questionnaire for Ethics and Job Satisfaction

Topics: Ethics, Employment, Job satisfaction Pages: 8 (1085 words) Published: November 9, 2010

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire, which should only take a few minutes to fill in. The information you give here will be treated strictly for research purpose. The objective of this questionnaire is to establish a relationship between Company Ethics, Employee Job Satisfaction and Employee Performance. Kindly fill in the blank spaces given next to the questions. Encircle the most suitable option where required.


AGE: __________

GENDER:(a) Male(b) Female

DEPARTMENT: ______________________

MARTIAL STATUS: (a) Married (b) Unmarried

Organization Ethics

1. Does your organization have an ethics policy?
(a) YES
(b) NO
(c)OTHER (please specify)

If yes, please describe the key features of the ethics policy. (Optional Question)

2. How are the ethical policies/rules communicated to staff members? (a) Management meetings
(b) Email messages
(c) Training sessions
(d) Unknown
(e) Other (please specify)

3. Is there a perceived gap between what the organizations ethics and standards say and the way those policies and standards are administered? (a) YES
(b) NO

4. Does your organization have an in-house ethics advisor?
(a) YES
(b) NO
5. How often do your executive leaders speak about ethics and governance in management meetings or other settings? (a) Regularly
(b) Often
(c) Sometimes
(d) Occasionally
(e) Never
(f) Other (please specify)

6. Does your organization treat employees with respect and human rights? (a) YES
(b) NO

7. Does your organization support the reporting of any unlawful or unethical behaviour? (a) YES
(b) NO

8. Do you get your ethical guideline book at the start of job? (a) YES
(b) NO

9. Whether the company clearly communicates its goals and strategies to you? (a) YES
(b) NO

10. Do you agree that “Right is right, even if everyone is against it; and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it (William Pan).” a) YES
b) NO

11. Does any of these unethical actions are practised in your organization? (a) Invasion in privacy
(b) Fraudulent billing practices
(c) Dishonesty
(d) Favouritism
(e) Nepotism

|Ethical optimism scale | | | |1. Successful managers in your company are generally more ethical than unsuccessful |Yes |No | |managers. | | | |2. In order to succeed in your company it is often necessary to compromise one's |Yes |No | |ethics. | | | |3. Successful managers in your company withhold information that is detrimental to |Yes |No | |their self-interest. | | | |4. Successful managers in your company make rivals look bad in the eyes of important|Yes |No | |people in your company. | | | |5. Successful managers in your company look for a "scapegoat" when they feel they |Yes |No | |may be associated with failure. | | | |6. Successful managers in your company take credit for the ideas and accomplishments|Yes |No | |of others. | | | |Top management action scale | | | |1. Top management in...
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