Questionnaire for Cereals

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Cereal Questionnaire
Your gender?
A .Male B. Female

Your age?
Under 20 B.21-30 C.31-40 D.41-50 E.51-60 F.61-70 G.Over 70

3.Do you regular eat breakfast?
Yes B.No

4.How often do you eat cereal as breakfast?
Every day B.Three times per week C.Five times per week D Never

5.Why do you choose cereal as breakfast?
Healthy B.Convenient C.Cheap D.Other

6.What do you usually take into consider when you purchasing a cereal? Weight loss B.Package C.Brand D.Price E.Taste F.Nutritional Value G.other

7.Do you read the nutritional information printed on the cereal box before purchasing the cereal? Yes B.No

8.If your answer is yes in question 6 ,do you understand what is written on the package? Yes B.No

My favourite cereals include:
Corn Flakes B.Captain Crunch C.Raisin Brans D.Alpha Bits E.Peebles-all varieties F.Honey Comb G.Golden Crisp H.Cheerios I.Cheerios J.Cocoa Crisps K.Special K M.Wheaties N.Smurf Berry Crunch O.Rice Crisp P.Waffle Crisp Q.Oat R.Frosted Flakes

I Like to eat cereals with:
A.Milk B.Fruit C.Juice D.Yogurt E.Alone as a snack

Which brand of cereals do you prefer?
General Mills B.Kellogg C.Quaker D.Post E.Kraft F.Con Agra G.Wheatena

I buy cereal that is:
A.Sweet B.Crunchy C.All natural D.Vitamin enriched E.Filled with nuts F.Filled with fruits

I buy cereal at the following palace:
Large chain stores B.Local grocery stores C.Web

14.Do you think the average price of the cereals in the market are reasonable? A.Reasonable B.Too high C.Too Low

15.What kind of people do you think like cereal ?
Children B .Youth C.Adult D.Elderly

16.If you don’t like cereals,why?

17.Do you feel that there is a need or space for more breakfast cereal options in the market? A.Yes B.No C.Maybe

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